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About Us

Who we are

We have been in the sector for more than 25 years with our experience and know-how. We know the sector and its needs very well. We are customer focused. Our main goal is to be the solution partner of our customers with the principle of customer satisfaction.

What are we doing?
  • Complete powder coating plants

  • Complete wet paint facilities

  • Powder coating equipment

  • Overhead and floor conveyor lines

  • Process furnaces and coating systems

  • Infrared furnace systems with natural gas technology

  • Aging furnaces for aluminum extrusions

  • Wood effect sublimation systems

  • Project design and consultancy services

What distinguishes ELECTROGROUP from The Others
  • ELECTROGROUP is doing its job lovingly.

  • ELECTROGROUP work disciplined and programmed.

  • ELECTROGROUP are constantly investigating to be better.

  • ELECTROGROUP do not excuse, we produce solutions.

Pretreatments System

Spray surface pretreatment lines are ideal for automated powder coating systems where the product quantity is high and where dipping type pretreatment does not meet the demand.

The work pieces moving on conveyor are cleaned and phosphate during passing through the active zones of the surface pretreatment line and then dried into an oven.

Powder Coating
Powder Coating System

Electrostatic Powder coating systems are designed analytically by our engineering department in order to provide efficient coating solutions with minimum operational costs.

Customer and product based project design is provided to reach maximum output

Liqued Painting System

Liquid painting systems are designed by our engineering department based on the daily quantity election is made and the layout of the plant is designed to provide maximum efficiency with ergonomic operation. Liquid spray booths are manufactured as an enclosed room type or open type according to biggest work piece.

Plastic and wooden items that are not suitable to be cured in high temperature and large sized iron based items are painted with wet paint in the spray booths.

Overhead and Floor Convyour System

These systems consists of combination of tracks without conveyor chain and special hanger trolleys.

Products are coated by passing through the powder booth by moving the work pieces manually or automatically and cured in the oven.

Process Furnaces System

The desired outcome is for the combination of pretreatment, application, and cure to produce a coating with specific physical and chemical properties.

Understanding the operation of a convection oven requires the examination of the systems at work within the unit.

Infrared Gas

IR ovens are used mostly in curing of painted or powder coated work pieces in continuous coating lines. Depending on the demand, IR system ovens can be used as pre-heating ovens added in the front of the conventional ovens as well as an independent paint or powder coating curing ovens.

Energy source is available as 2 types - using catalytic gas panels or with electrical heaters.

MDF Wood Powder Coating

Powder-coating is an electro-statically painting-procedure in which negatively charged powder is atomized by means of pressured air on a positively charged MDF-panel.

The powder sticks to the MDF-panel and transported by automatic chain into an oven

About us
Fluidized Bed PVC Painting

This Powder Coating Line is used to provide an anti-corrosive surface treatment for mesh fence, wire mesh fence, sheet, expanded metal mesh fence, fence sheet, fence mesh, isolated gate and matched posts.

The fluidized bed coating process is a simple dipping process that can be either conventional or electrostatic. In the convention fluidized bed process.

UV-IR Cured Powder Coating

Electrogroup is an ecological system for industrial coating that allows powder paint application for all 3D items. Until now, the unique structure of the latter (metal plus heat-sensitive material) imposed an indispensable coating with powder paint.

powder painting equipment provides an opportunity to polymerize paint at very low temperature during an extremely short time without any expenses.

About us
Control System

The electrical control panels are designed and manufactured by us in order to run the plant properly. For automation of the paint plant system and data collection an integrated PLC with combined Scada software systems are designed and utilized by our technical team.

With the help of PLC and Computer control system, plants are running and storing data for ISO needs.



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