Liqued Painting System

Liquid painting systems are designed by our engineering department based on the daily quantity election is made and the layout of the plant is designed to provide maximum efficiency with ergonomic operation. Liquid spray booths are manufactured as an enclosed room type or open type according to biggest work piece. Plastic and wooden items that are not suitable to be cured in high temperature and large sized iron based items are painted with wet paint in the spray booths. Liquid painting booths are named according to used filtration system as water-curtain type or dry filter type paint booths. Water curtain is filtering the overspray that is collecting in the water tank of the spray booth. Dry filtered booths have fiber or carton filter media that filters unused paint particles. Dry-filtered spraying booths are more environmentally friendly because they do not pollute the water and do not create waste water.

Low pressure painting systems

The product is atomized by a compressed air jet that is also used to transport the particles on the surfaces to be painted. The compressed air is released before the paint and when the paint goes through the nozzle and the air head, it is atomized into tiny drops. Atomization of the paint is controlled by adjusting the flow of air or paint.

Chemical process is selected as iron or zinc phosphate or Nano-technological process according to the raw material of work pieces. Each active zone have its own pump and nozzle section that works as closed circuit. Our engineering department designs these systems according specific parameters as iron and zinc phosphate and Nano technological processes.

High pressure painting systems

painting. Atomization occurs when the product is passed at a very high pressure (not less than 60 bar) via a small opening called "nozzle". The vast range of air assisted airless finishing equipment and accessories satisfies every need, determined by the type of material, the flow required and the degree of finishing desired. The air assisted paint sprayer may be supplied, according to the models, on trolleys, wall brackets, or on pail in order to ensure easy use and simple and fast maintenance. Mist-less painting joins airless technology with low pressure technology. The range of air assisted airless pumps is accompanied by the range of manual and automatic air mixing guns that work with the air assisted airless spray tips and the mist-clean self-cleaning nozzle (a 180° rotation is all that is required for cleaning) The manual air assisted airless spray gun has a new version: it is equipped, both on the product and air, with revolving fittings to make the spray gun completely free. High pressure ultra-flexible double hoses are combined to the spray gun to ensure a full maneuverability to the use

Liquid Paint Curing Ovens

Paint curing ovens that allow wet painted products to be dried at 30-45 minutes in the range of 30-150°C temperature. Designed as manual or continuous types according to the sizes of the products, quantities and the product raw material. Curing temperature and duration completely depend on the used paints. Electrical energy, liquid or gas fuel l are used for heating the ovens. Painted parts must enter the drying oven after the completion of the flash-off period (15-20 minutes) where solvent output ends, so that the risk of flashing is eliminated.