Overhead and Floor Convyour System

Bar Transfer Conveyor Lines

These systems consists of combination of tracks without conveyor chain and special hanger trolleys.

Products are coated by passing through the powder booth by moving the work pieces manually or automatically and cured in the oven. Fully automatic coating can be achieved optionally by adding automatic powder coating equipment’s and an overhead chain conveyor over the coating booth. Complete system can be designed PLC controlled as well. Due to its compact design feature, this type of systems saves space in the factory as a superior alternative to the batch systems.

This is very efficient system because the products are loaded once to the conveyor and unloaded finally after powder curing finishes and get cooled.

Monorail Conveyor Systems

These are conveyor systems where work pieces are moving continuously loaded to a conveyor monorail. Conveyor consists of a track, trolley and conveyor chain system. Application way is as suspended overhead type and floor type monorail conveyors.

Power & Free Conveyor Systems

It works as double monorail. Lower monorail is used for moving the work piece hangers, the chain moves continuously on the upper monorail. The difference of power &free systems from monorail conveyor systems is that this is suitable for complex production process and is designed as full automation.