Powder Coating System

Electrostatic Powder coating systems are designed analytically by our engineering department in order to provide efficient coating solutions with minimum operational costs. .Customer and product based project design is provided to reach maximum output for work pieces in powder coating with ergonomic and cost effective solutions.

Customized Powder Coating and Liquid Painting Solutions

Our company manufactures custom designs based on different coating methods. The projects are developed and designed by our engineering department according to the coating application is liquid or powder, product shape, work piece quantities and their geometry

Powder Coating Booth

The powder coating booths produced in our company are designed with the options of Filter, Compact cyclone&, Mono cyclone and Multi- cyclone. Providing an ease of use for manual and automatic powder coating guns, these booths let the powder coat out through fans having high suction. Our booths can be produced of DKP, galvanized, stainless and plastic materials, and in any dimension.


The cyclones produced within our company function as a separator using centrifugal force to purify the charged air of the paint particles absorbed from powder coating booths. Its performance is highly based on its rotation speed and the density of its particles. While the hot air spirally moves inside the cyclone with the help of the aspiration fan, the centrifugal force drops down the dusts in the air. They are discharged by a fresh air fan. The dropping dusts are included in the system as dusts by the airlock at the lower exit. The options include stainless, DKP and galvanize materials, and it offers an ease of use thanks to the sub-cyclone pinch valve recycling system.

Powder Coating Reciprocators

Powder coating reciprocator is designed for automatic electrostatic powder coating applications. The construction and performance are designed to high continual load everyday operational conditions. Perfect coating is achieved with easy adjustment of stroke and speed to meet production needs.


Powder coating particles moving by the ventilator suction movement enters the cyclone using air ducts and collects in the powder tank as a result of friction and gravitational force. In this systems powder is recycled at the cyclone tank where can be recovered manual or automatically.