MDF Wood Powder Coating

What is powder coated MDF

Powder-coating is an electro-statically painting-procedure in which negatively charged powder is atomized by means of pressured air on a positively charged MDF-panel. The powder sticks to the MDF-panel and transported by automatic chain into an oven where it is melted to form a permanent layer of lacquer. In this way every panel is finished absolutely seamless, giving it a high quality look.

Special MDF-Board

The procedure starts with the milling of the parts. All parts that we powder-coat are also milled in-house. This is necessary because we can only powder-coat our special MDF. We've added additives to make the boards electrostatically. The powder wouldn't stick on regular MDF or any other types of wood because they can't be made electrostatically. After the milling all parts will sanded very thoroughly by our skilled workers. The sanding is very important to have a nice and very smooth final result.


We deliberately opt for a two-layer-system to guarantee our excellent quality. The milled and sanded parts are hung on our automatic chain to paint the primed layer following with a first run through the oven. Thereafter the parts will again be sanded manually and been painted in their permanent color. Then the parts go for a second time through the oven, there the parts harden.. Thanks to this combination of multiple layers every single panel is seamless with a high quality look.

Our test results show that working with the 2 layers system, the panels are much stronger and more durable than a single-layer-system which is also available on the market.


  • Ecological, powder-coating is extremely environmentally friendly

  • Free of any dissolver or thinner (solvents, etc.)

  • Low waste: we recuperate most of the superfluous powder, what's left is fully recycled

  • Free of heavy metals or hazardous toxins

  • Durable

  • Scratch-proof

  • Seamless and homogeneous finishing

  • High resistance to chemical cleaning products and acids

  • Antibacterial, not porous

  • Long lifespan thanks to its strength

  • Extremely suitable for many interior design applications

  • Unlimited design: all possible shapes, logo's and edge finishing's in multiple thicknesses

  • Uniform color and structure