example : _________ hr/day * _________ day/yr = __________ hr/yr

b) Normal conveyor speed to be used: m / min

c) Load per conveyor pendant: m / min

d) Height from existing conveyor base to ground: m / min

e) Height from No. 1 and No. 2 jigs to ground (Please send sketch):

* If the conveyor detail for the new powder coating plant will be different then please provide the appropriate detail accordingly. Please send sketch.

If you have your own design on the jigging arrangement, please supply drawings showing the different hanging positions and dimensions. If the jigging arrangement is designed for multiple pieces per jig then please supply the drawings and photos showing their hanging angles and dimensions.

10) Floor area available for the powder coating plant:
example : _________ m (L) _________ m (W) __________ m (H)

Please supply floor plan if possible.

13) Pretreatment process of components to be used :

14) Information on existing powder coating equipment:

Purchased in (year) :

15) Additional information :

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