Infrared Gas

IR ovens are used mostly in curing of painted or powder coated work pieces in continuous coating lines. Depending on the demand, IR system ovens can be used as pre-heating ovens added in the front of the conventional ovens as well as an independent paint or powder coating curing ovens. Also basically for Enameling curing kiln.

Energy source is available as 2 types - using catalytic gas panels or with electrical heaters. In both system gas or electrical, oven is designed by dividing the heating elements equally in order to achieve the best heat transfer to passing work pieces through the oven. Also with using natural gas recovery burner.


  • Infrared system increases the conveyor speed and the productivity at least with 30%.

  • Saves space in the workshop

  • Provides fuel saving in the medium and long term period in comparison with conventional gas source ovens

  • Eliminates powder coating contamination at the air-curtain areas of the tunnel ovens in case is designed as pre-heating oven

  • Cured products achieves perfect result in the cross hatch adhesion test

  • Demand for heat-treatment, curing or annealing processes